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Construction Liens

Length: 2 hours

Construction Liens (Online)

Private Projects/ A Remedy for Payment on Private Projects Against the Owner’s Land

(1 session) 


Marty Burnstein, Law Offices of Marty Burnstein 

***This course is offered online in a video on-demand format***

This is a fast-paced nuts and bolts workshop on how to establish a construction lien for contractors, subcontractors and suppliers on commercial, industrial, office and residential projects.  Learn how to prevent liens if you are an owner or a general contractor.  Learn the critical time periods and how to fill out the notice of furnishing, claim of lien, sworn statement, lien waiver and other necessary forms.  In these challenging times when getting paid is so important; this workshop is a must for Owners, Contractors, Subcontractors, and Suppliers. 

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